2018 schedule of classes

Stay tuned for changes and additions to this schedule, or ask to be added to our email list. All classes are taught by David Tuthill in his Ballard Forging studio. Reservations are first come first serve either through this site, or via Eventbrite. Keep your eyes open for a variety of upcoming classes.


2 day Beginning Knife Making

Start with a bar of high carbon steel and learn the basics of material selection, forging, shaping, heat treating, and grinding. Choose to leave your handle as forged, or wrap it with natural cordage. This workshop is suitable for anyone from the beginner, to someone who has some forging skills, and wants to learn to craft a simple "brut de forge" style blade. Class size is limited to six.
Stay tuned for upcoming class listings!

Additional knife making classes are available here: 


March 24th-25th Beginning knife making. 

April 21st-22nd Beginning knife making.


*Note- None of these courses are currently offered through Eventbrite* 


2 day Axe Making!!

Come learn to forge a small axe suitable for camping, backcountry, wood carving, or splitting kindling at home. In this workshop you will start with a billet, or block of high carbon steel, and learn about preparation, controlled hand forging, striking, punching, drifting, heat treating, sharpening, shaping and hafting a handle, and more. This is a physically demanding class, and not for the timid. Class size is limited to four. Forging experience is helpful, but not required.  

March 3rd-4th Axe Making. $480 Full

May 5th-6th Axe making. - $480


2 day Damascus Axes!!

In this class, you will take a piece of pattern welded steel (Damascus) and for it in to an axe. You will apply all of the same techniques that are learned in the regular axe making class, but you will also learn how to forge / work with and finish a Damascus piece.  $560.00

Stay tuned for upcoming class listings!


Additional axe making classes are available here: 

April 14th-15th Axe making.

Other Courses:


2 day Hammer Making

Have you ever wanted to make your own forging hammer? Well now you can! In this workshop you will learn all of the skills necessary to make a 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 lb forging hammer as well as a punch and drift to use for making future hammers. class size limited to six students.

March 10th-11th hammer making. $450.00


*Note- None of these courses are offered through Eventbrite*